The Hidden Gems of You’ve Never Heard Of blog is a travel website that features first-hand reviews, guides, and insights for destinations around the world. It was created in 2008 by Michelle Johnson, an avid traveler who wanted to share her experiences and help other travelers plan their own adventures.

The site covers a diverse range of locations across all 7 continents, from major cities to small towns and natural areas off the beaten path. Some of the content includes destination overviews, travel tips, photography galleries, recommended itineraries, reviews of accommodations and restaurants, and interviews with locals. There is a focus on sustainable and experiential travel.

Myfavouriteplaces was founded on the principles of providing honest, in-depth travel recommendations and inspiring people to appreciate the world’s diversity. The site has grown to engage over 1 million monthly readers and has been recognized as a top independent travel resource. Though it began as a hobby, Myfavouriteplaces now has a dedicated team producing content.

Categories of Content

Myfavouriteplaces features a wide range of categories focusing on travel destinations around the world. Its most popular categories include:

  • Cities – Popular city guides include London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Rome. The city guides provide information on major attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping.

  • Countries – Myfavouriteplaces features travel guides on over 75 countries worldwide. The country guides provide overviews of the major destinations, culture, history, food, and tips for visiting.

  • Natural Landmarks – Detailed guides on major natural landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Iguazu Falls, and more. The guides highlight the best ways to experience and photograph the landmarks.

  • Beaches – Myfavouriteplaces features guides to the most beautiful beaches and coastal destinations across the world. The beach guides offer information on activities, accommodations, weather, and the unique features of each beach.

  • National Parks – Comprehensive guides on over 100 national parks worldwide. The guides cover park history, hiking trails, camping, wildlife spotting, and photography tips.

Some other popular categories include Road Trips, Islands, Adventure Travel, Food and Drink, Historical Sites, Best of Year lists, and Budget Travel. The wide range of categories allows travelers to easily find inspiring and practical information for all types of trips.

Contributing Authors has a community of passionate travel writers and experts who contribute destination guides, reviews, and travel stories to the site. The authors come from diverse backgrounds but all share a love for experiencing new cultures and places.

Many of the writers are seasoned travelers who focus on specific regions based on their personal interests and expertise. For example, Mike Davis has spent over a decade hiking through South America and provides in-depth trekking guides for the Andes Mountains. Other regulars like Janet Lee have traveled extensively across Asia and contribute cultural guides to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

A few standout contributors are Sara Brennan, Ethan Wang, and Alicia Cortez. Sara is an award-winning food and drink writer who adds mouthwatering restaurant recommendations and food guides for major cities worldwide. Ethan is an adventure travel photographer whose vivid images of exotic landscapes perfectly complement his articles on backpacking through remote corners of the world. Finally, Alicia is a multilingual writer and historian whose pieces on Latin American heritage sites provide a meaningful look into the region’s past and culture.

Together, the authors of provide diverse perspectives and specialized knowledge to help travelers make the most out of every destination. Their passion brings these places to life through engaging stories, helpful advice, and stunning photographs.

Writing Style and Guidelines has developed a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistency and quality across all content published on the site.

Overview of the style guide for authors

The style guide covers the site’s editorial standards for grammar, spelling, punctuation, language usage, formatting, fact-checking, and more. Key elements include:

  • Use active voice and positive language. Avoid excessive use of passive voice.
  • Write in third-person point of view.
  • Present information clearly and concisely using plain English. Avoid jargon, clichés, and flowery language.
  • Follow AP style for punctuation, grammar, spelling, titles, numbers, dates, etc.
  • Adhere to Canadian English for spelling and word usage.
  • Use clear section headings and subheadings to orient readers.
  • Format posts consistently with standard fonts, text sizes, image placements, etc.

Voice, tone, point of view expected

The site’s voice aims to be informative, friendly, and inspiring. The tone should be upbeat yet credibility. Authors should write from a third-person perspective focusing on the traveler’s experience.

Citation and attribution policies

Content must provide proper attribution via in-text citations and reference lists:

  • Cite direct quotes and statistics from other sources.
  • When excerpting other content, ensure commentary and analysis is added.
  • Compile thorough bibliographies of all references.
  • Provide links to original sources where possible.
  • Follow APA citation style guidelines.
  • Ensure permission is obtained for copyrighted material.
  • Tag or credit any contributing authors or photographers.

Proper citation enhances credibility while protecting from plagiarism claims. Unique analysis makes each post worthwhile for readers. blog covers travel destinations across the globe, but certain locations tend to be the most popular based on website traffic. These much-loved destinations offer an array of attractions and experiences that keep readers coming back.

The United Kingdom is a frequent highlight, with London, Edinburgh, and the Lake District among the top areas covered. Readers love learning insider tips on exploring London’s neighborhoods, haunted sites in Scotland, and hiking adventures in the Lakes region. Articles like “My 5 Favorite Pubs in London” and “A Local’s Guide to Edinburgh” bring these iconic destinations to life.

Beaches in Australia also see significant readership. is known for stunning photography of the Great Barrier Reef, articles on snorkeling the turquoise waters, and advice on interacting respectfully with wildlife. The blog even documents one writer’s epic coastal road trip covering every beach in Western Australia.

Asia attracts many readers as well. High-trafficked articles cover hiking the Great Wall, exploring the night markets and historic architecture of Taipei, and wearing traditional kimonos in Kyoto. Enchanting photos and descriptions of lantern festivals in Thailand or Bali’s lush jungle backdrop make these locations irresistible.

Whether it’s major cities, natural wonders, or under-the-radar finds, provides inside perspectives on the world’s most alluring destinations. The engaging articles make readers feel like insider travelers.

Impact and Reach

With over 5 million monthly visitors, has become one of the most popular travel sites on the web. The site continues to see tremendous growth, with traffic increasing 30% year-over-year. has a highly engaged social media following, with over 2 million followers on Facebook, 1.5 million on Instagram, and 850K on Twitter. The beautiful travel photography and videography shared on these platforms likely contributes to the strong follower count.

The site’s quality content has been recognized through multiple awards. won the Webby Award for Best Travel Website in 2018 and 2022. It was also named the #1 Travel Website by Travel + Leisure magazine’s Website Awards in 2020 and 2021.

With its inspiring content and robust readership, has established itself as a leading voice in the travel space. The site empowers people to explore the world and create their own travel adventures.

Archives and Resources has been publishing articles on travel destinations, experiences, and advice since 2005. Over 16 years of content has been accumulated in the site’s archives, creating an extensive resource for travelers.

The archives can be browsed by year and month, allowing readers to explore content from a certain time period. There is also a search bar to look for specific destinations or article topics. The search results display excerpts from matching articles to aid readers in finding the most relevant information.

Some highlights of the archives include:

  • The Food and Culture series from 2012-2014, containing in-depth culinary and cultural guides to countries around the world.

  • The Road Trip Diaries collection, with first-hand accounts and tips from an epic overland journey through Africa and Asia.

  • The Small Town Gems project that profiled charming, lesser-known destinations in Europe and North America from 2016-2018.

Podcasts and Multimedia offers a variety of podcasts, videos, and other multimedia content to complement their written guides and resources. This allows audiences to engage with destination content in new and accessible ways.

Overview of Podcasts & Videos

The site produces several podcasts covering various travel topics and themes. Their flagship show is the Weekly Wander podcast, where hosts discuss listener questions, travel news, and a new destination each episode. Other shows like Family Journeys and Solo Treks cater to specific types of travelers.

Popular recurring video segments include Weekend Getaways, highlighting trips under 4 days, and Local’s Guide interviews. These videos give viewers a sense of each destination from different perspectives.

Accessibility & Formats distributes their podcasts on all major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts so listeners can access them across devices. Transcripts are provided for many podcast episodes as well.

Videos are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook in condensed formats perfect for social media. They also provide the full videos on their website. Whether you prefer to read, listen, or watch, their multimedia content is created to be accessible to diverse audiences.

Mobile Apps and Guides

One of the best parts of is the suite of mobile apps and travel guides available for download. These provide an invaluable on-the-go companion when visiting the destinations featured on the site.

The mobile apps include:

  • City Guides App – Detailed travel guides for over 50 major cities around the world. Includes maps, top attractions, sample itineraries, and local tips. Available on iOS and Android.

  • National Parks App – Hiking guides, trail maps, and planning tools for US National Parks. Great for road trips and outdoor adventures. iOS and Android.

  • Food & Drink Finder App – Discover the best restaurants, bars, cafes at your destination. Filter by cuisine, price, ratings, and more. iOS only.

  • MyFavPlaces Travel Assistant – Full trip planner with flight/hotel bookings, offline maps, translations, and travel tips. Subscription required. Web, iOS, Android.

The download links and instructions can be found on the Mobile Apps page of The apps range from free up to $4.99 USD for the premium ad-free versions.

When using the apps during your travels, be sure to download them when you have WiFi access to avoid large data charges. The offline functionality allows you to pre-load maps, guides, and other data before your trip.

Enable location services and notifications to get activity recommendations based on where you are. Create trip progress checklists with places to visit, restaurants to try, and memories to save. The apps help take the guesswork out of travel and let you focus on enjoying your destinations.

With’s excellent mobile offerings, you’ll have everything you need for an amazing trip right at your fingertips!

Future Developments has exciting plans for expanding the site and enhancing the user experience in the years ahead. As the premier online destination for travel inspiration and advice, the site is committed to responding to audience interests and feedback to remain competitive in the field.

Some of the key developments on the horizon include:

  • Launching foreign language versions of the site. Translations into Spanish, French, German, and other languages will allow to reach new global audiences.

  • Introducing more interactive features. The site hopes to add polls, quizzes, discussion forums, and other community-building tools to enable readers to engage more actively.

  • Building out a network of travel bloggers and insiders. By recruiting talented writers from around the world, can provide localized expertise and discover hidden gems.

  • Expanding their podcast lineup. New shows covering family travel, solo female travel, budget tips, and other niche topics will provide tailored advice to different demographics.

  • Developing a suite of mobile apps. Apps focused on trip planning, destination recommendations, and photo sharing will allow travelers to utilize on the go.

  • Enhancing photography and videography. As a visual medium, stunning and immersive photography will continue to be a priority. Original video content may also help bring destinations to life.

  • Personalizing the experience through AI. Using data and algorithms, aims to deliver custom content catered to each reader’s tastes.

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