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The blog archive offers a wealth of inspirational and informative content for travelers and explorers. With posts spanning many years, this rich archive captures a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and travel wisdom.

The purpose of this content is to provide an overview of the myfavouriteplaces blog archive, highlighting the most popular destination guides, travel tips, blogger perspectives, and more. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or simply dreaming of future adventures, this guide to the blog archives aims to showcase the breadth of this travel community and the insights shared within it.

With posts from numerous contributors, the myfavouriteplaces blog encourages travelers to document their journeys, share recommendations, and engage with fellow wanderers. While the blog covers destinations worldwide, the focus remains on favorite and memorable places, those magical locales that capture the imagination and forever transform how we see the world. By surveying the blog’s greatest hits, this content will encapsulate the spirit of discovery, wonder and community central to myfavouriteplaces.

As a travel blog, we often get asked about the most popular travel destinations based on the articles and guides our readers find most useful. After analyzing our top blog posts over the years, a few key destinations stand out for their popularity and interest among our audience.

Beach Destinations

Beach vacations are eternally popular among travelers. Our top beach destination posts feature perennial favorites like Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mediterranean hotspots like Greece and Spain. Picturesque beaches, relaxing vibes, warm weather, and beautiful seascapes make these coastal destinations consistently desirable.

European Cities

Classic European capitals like London, Paris, and Rome never go out of style. Readers love their history, cuisine, museums, architecture and energetic urban lifestyle. Lesser-known gems like Croatia’s Dubrovnik also rank highly.

National Parks

America’s national parks from Yosemite to Yellowstone are beloved for their natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Overseas, New Zealand’s stunning national parks are also popular. Our national parks content provides photography tips, hiking guides and budget itineraries.

Tropical Getaways

Tropical locales beyond the beaches like Thailand, Bali, and Costa Rica rank among our most popular destinations. Readers love learning about the culture, jungles, wildlife and exotic allure of these tropical hotspots.

Major Cities

Cosmopolitan cities like New York, Tokyo and Sydney are urban favorites. Our posts highlight insider tips on attractions, neighborhoods, restaurants and local culture. While often expensive, these cities offer endless entertainment.

Hidden Gems

Many travelers flock to the same iconic locales – Paris, Rome, London, New York. However, some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating destinations remain largely undiscovered. Here are a few underrated places that deserve far more attention:

Penang, Malaysia

The island of Penang in Malaysia offers a vibrant mix of cultures, architecture, street food, and natural beauty. Walk through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Georgetown to admire British colonial buildings, Chinese shophouses, and ornate temples. Sample an array of mouthwatering street food, from spicy curries to cooling cendol desserts. Escape the city to lush forests and quiet fishing villages. With its diverse attractions and affordability, Penang is an ideal off-the-beaten-path destination in Southeast Asia.

Azores, Portugal

The remote Azores islands lie far out in the Atlantic Ocean, yet few travelers venture to this unspoiled paradise. Lush green cliffs, crater lakes, and steaming hot springs reward those who make the journey. Hike past waterfalls and stop to soak in natural thermal baths. Go whale watching and spot sperm whales, dolphins, and more. The Azores offer a tranquil pace of life, fresh seafood, locally-produced wine and cheese, and stunning vistas around every corner.

Tasmania, Australia

Australia’s island state of Tasmania possesses extraordinary natural beauty without the crowds of the mainland. Trek through gorgeous national parks and forests, home to unique wildlife. See the rugged east coast with its dramatic cliffs and sweeping beaches. Sample ultra-fresh seafood, acclaimed cool-climate wines, craft ciders and beers, and farmstead cheeses. Boat or kayak alongside pods of dolphins, and observe colonies of fairy penguins returning home at dusk. With its pristine landscapes and local delights, Tasmania provides an idyllic Australian escape.

Seasonal Travel Tips

Each season offers its own charms for travelers. Here are some tips for visiting top destinations during spring, summer, fall and winter:


  • Enjoy blooming cherry blossoms in Washington DC, Tokyo, and other cities where these trees grow. Late March to mid-April is peak season.
  • Trek in Nepal to see a landscape ablaze with rhododendron blooms from March to May.
  • Hit the beach in the Caribbean, as the weather is warm but hurricanes are still a few months away.
  • Take advantage of shoulder season deals in Europe. April-May and September-October are great times to visit popular cities before the summer crowds arrive.


  • Explore Alaska’s wilderness and take a cruise to see glaciers. Summer months offer long days and warmer temperatures.
  • Check out music and cultural festivals held across the US and Europe during the summer.
  • Head to San Diego and other national parks out West. Spring snowmelt makes summer a great time for hiking and camping.


  • Visit New England to take in the gorgeous fall foliage starting in September and peaking in October.
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany in September/October.
  • Hit up beach destinations like Mexico for discounted rates after labor day. The ocean is still warm in early fall.


  • Ski and snowboard at resorts in Colorado, Utah, Vermont and elsewhere once the snow starts falling.
  • Head to New York City to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and holiday decorations at department stores.
  • Explore southern hemisphere destinations like Australia and Argentina. Their summer stretches from December to February.

The travel blogs on cover destinations across the globe, providing a unique perspective into emerging travel trends over the years. By analyzing the articles, several key trends stand out:

Sustainable travel – There is a growing focus on sustainable and eco-friendly travel options. Bloggers recommend eco-lodges, volunteer vacations, and tour companies with sustainable practices. Travelers want authentic local experiences while minimizing environmental impact. Phrases like “off the beaten path” and “travel like a local” are common.

Multi-generational travel – Many posts highlight trips with grandparents, parents, and kids together. Multi-generational travel allows bonds to form as families share meaningful experiences. Bloggers provide tips for choosing accommodations, activities, and destinations suitable for a wide age range.

Food tourism – Trying local and regional cuisines is a priority for travelers today. Food tours, cooking classes, and restaurant recommendations are frequent topics. Bloggers go beyond mainstream dining and explore holes-in-the-wall, food trucks, and family restaurants for an authentic taste of the culture.

Memorable Experiences

Over the years, our readers have shared many memorable travel experiences on the blog. Here are a couple fan favorites:

Hot Air Ballooning Over Cappadocia

One of our most popular posts featured hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey. As described by the blogger, floating peacefully over the unique geological formations and cave dwellings in wicker baskets was a breathtaking and almost surreal experience. Watching the sunrise cast warm hues over the ancient-looking landscape while gentle winds carried the balloons was unforgettable. This is certainly an iconic bucket list activity for Turkey.

Trekking the Inca Trail

Many readers named the Inca Trail in Peru as one of their most memorable adventures. Over several days, hikers follow stone paths through lush jungle, under towering mountain peaks, and past fascinating ruins. One blogger described the anticipation of wondering what incredible site would come next around each bend. Reaching the Sun Gate and getting their first glimpse of magnificent Machu Picchu made all the physical exertion worthwhile. This epic trek has left many with nostalgia and a sense of accomplishment.

Travel Budgeting

Budgeting is key for a successful trip. Based on previous posts on the site, here are some sample budgets for popular destinations:

New York City

New York can be expensive, but savvy budgeting makes it possible. Plan on:

  • Hotel: $150-$300 per night for basic hotels outside Manhattan up to $500 for higher-end places in prime locations. Airbnbs average $100-$250 per night.

  • Food: $15-$30 per meal at modest restaurants, $40-$60 at higher-end places. $2-5 for street food like bagels, pizza, and hot dogs. Groceries cost ~$50 per day.

  • Transportation: $33 for a 7-day subway pass, $15-35 for Ubers around town.

  • Activities: Many major museums like the Met are donation-based, while others average $20-40 per ticket. Broadway shows start around $100.

Daily budget: $200 on the low end, $400+ on the high end. Weekly budget: $1,400-$2,800.


London has a reputation for being pricey but savvy planning makes it doable. Plan for:

  • Hotel: $150-$300 per night for basic, central hotels or Airbnb apartments. $400+ for higher-end hotels.

  • Food: $15-$30 per meal at modest pubs and restaurants, $40+ at higher-end places. Groceries cost ~$50 per day.

  • Transportation: $8-15 per day for the Tube and buses. Black cabs average $20-40 per ride.

  • Activities: Most museums are free. West End plays start around $30. Day trips out of London average $80-150.

Daily budget: $200 on the low end, $400+ on the high end. Weekly budget: $1,400-$2,800.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers great value in Central America. Budget for:

  • Hotel: $50-100 per night for budget hotels and hostels, $150+ for mid-range hotels. Beach areas tend to be more expensive.

  • Food: $5-10 for local meals like casados. $15-25 at tourist restaurants. Groceries cost ~$30 per day.

  • Transportation: $10-20 for shuttles between destinations. Local buses are only $1-3. Rental cars average $40 per day.

  • Activities: $10-30 for entrance fees to parks and reserves. Surfing lessons ~$40 per half day. Ziplining $60-100.

Daily budget: $75 on the low end, $200+ on the high end. Weekly budget: $525-$1,400.


Hawaii is known for its high prices. Plan for:

  • Hotel: $250-$400 for basic hotels and condos. $500+ for oceanfront resorts. Airbnbs from $100/night.

  • Food: $15-25 for plate lunch takeout. Sit down dinners $30-60+. Groceries cost ~$75 per day.

  • Transportation: Rental cars average $60 per day. Shuttles $30+. Avoid taxis ($50+ per ride).

  • Activities: Free beaches but paid parking ($10-25 per day). Snorkel cruises from $80. Luau shows $100+.

Daily budget: $300 on the low end, $600+ on high end. Weekly budget: $2,100-$4,200.

Travel Planning

The Myfavouriteplaces blog archives offer a wealth of travel planning advice based on first-hand experience. Over the years, we’ve shared countless tips for planning memorable, hassle-free trips.

Looking through the archives, you’ll find detailed information on:

  • Booking flights and accommodations
  • Creating efficient travel itineraries
  • Packing strategies and essentials
  • Obtaining travel documents like passports and visas
  • Finding good deals and managing budgets
  • Locating recommended restaurants and activities
  • Using travel apps and technology
  • Preparing for different climates and terrain

Some of our most popular posts outline step-by-step processes for planning dream trips to destinations like Hawaii, Italy, Costa Rica, and more. We also have specific guides for types of travelers, from solo and family to luxury and budget.

No matter where you want to go or how you like to travel, you’re sure to find tried-and-true advice in our archives to help make your next vacation the best one yet. Our goal is to provide readers with the tools and knowledge to plan smooth, stress-free trips from start to finish.

Notable Bloggers

Over the years, has featured posts from many talented travel bloggers. Here are a few standout contributors to highlight:

Alex Trembath

Alex is an avid backpacker and author of the popular blog The Career Break Site. His articles on long-term travel and taking a career break have inspired many readers to re-evaluate their priorities and pursue their travel dreams. Alex’s recent series “Lessons From 18 Months on the Road” provides practical advice for first-time long-term travelers.

Christine Gilbert

Christine is the founder of the family travel blog Almost Fearless. She writes from the perspective of a parent juggling career, personal goals, and family life. Christine’s posts on bringing children abroad long-term and worldschooling are informative for those considering extended travel as a family. Her passion comes through in every article.

Dalene Heck

Dalene is an adventurous traveler and blogger at Hecktic Travels. She and her husband Pete went on a round the world trip in 2013 and never stopped globetrotting! Dalene writes helpful guides on planning a big trip and chronicles her travels with amazing photography. For inspiration on getting off the beaten path, check out Dalene’s articles.


As we’ve explored in this blog archive, there are so many amazing places to visit all around the world. From popular tourist destinations like Paris, New York City, and Rome, to hidden gems off the beaten path, travelers are spoiled for choice.

Throughout these blog posts, we’ve provided tips to help budget and plan your next vacation, highlighted notable travel bloggers to follow, and shared memorable experiences from past trips. No matter your interests or budget, there are incredible places waiting to be discovered.

Some key takeaways include being flexible with your travel dates to save money, traveling in the off-season to avoid crowds, and exploring destinations beyond the main tourist sites. Booking home rentals and using public transportation can also help stretch your budget further.

The most memorable content includes the photos and stories from the bloggers’ adventures like trekking to Machu Picchu, diving the Great Barrier Reef, and exploring the Scottish Highlands. Their first-hand accounts really made these destinations come to life.

Wherever your next journey takes you, go into it with an open mind, a sense of adventure, and curiosity to learn about the local history and culture. Slow travel allows you to truly immerse yourself in a destination. Check the blog archives here for inspiration and tips before you book your next trip!

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