Whiteboard Animation on Fiverr: A Lucrative Low-Competitive Skill for Freelancers


Fiverr, the popular freelance marketplace, offers a diverse range of services that cater to businesses and individuals worldwide. Amid the intense competition in various categories, aspiring freelancers might wonder where to find opportunities for success. Whiteboard animation is emerging as a low-competitive skill on Fiverr, presenting an excellent chance for creative individuals to showcase their talent and carve a niche in the freelancing world. In this blog, we’ll explore why whiteboard animation is a lucrative and relatively untapped skill on Fiverr.

1. What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is a captivating video style that involves drawing and animating images on a whiteboard background to explain ideas, concepts, or stories. It is widely used in explainer videos, educational content, marketing campaigns, and presentations.

2. High Demand for Explainer Videos

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses seek engaging ways to communicate their messages effectively. Explainer videos have become a go-to solution for conveying complex ideas concisely and retaining audience attention. Whiteboard animation, with its visually appealing and dynamic nature, is an ideal format for creating compelling explainer videos.

3. Low Competition Advantage

While Fiverr hosts numerous skilled professionals, some categories are highly competitive, making it challenging for newcomers to establish themselves. However, whiteboard animation remains relatively less saturated, offering a window of opportunity for freelancers to stand out. With fewer competitors, new sellers have a better chance to gain visibility, attract clients, and build a strong portfolio.

4. High Perceived Value

Whiteboard animation videos are often associated with professionalism and creativity. Clients appreciate the effort that goes into crafting engaging and informative animations. As a result, freelancers can command higher prices for their whiteboard animation services compared to some other skill categories on Fiverr.

5. Versatility and Broad Client Base

One of the key advantages of whiteboard animation is its versatility. It can be applied to various industries and niches, making it appealing to a broad client base. Whether it’s a tech startup, an e-learning platform, a non-profit organization, or a corporate entity, whiteboard animation can effectively communicate their messages and objectives.

6. Showcasing Creativity

Whiteboard animation provides freelancers with ample opportunities to demonstrate their creativity and storytelling skills. Each project presents a canvas for artists to bring ideas to life through animated illustrations and visual storytelling. This creative freedom can be immensely fulfilling and attract clients seeking unique and personalized animations.

7. Building a Strong Portfolio

As freelancers complete whiteboard animation projects, they can compile their work into a compelling portfolio. A strong portfolio showcases versatility, expertise, and attention to detail, which are crucial factors for attracting potential clients and securing more projects.


Whiteboard animation is an exceptional skill for freelancers to develop on Fiverr. With its high demand, low competition advantage, and versatility across various industries, whiteboard animation offers a gateway to success in the freelance marketplace. Aspiring animators can capitalize on this opportunity to create engaging and visually captivating videos that leave a lasting impact on clients and their audiences. By continuously honing their craft and delivering quality animations, freelancers can position themselves as sought-after experts and build a flourishing freelance career on Fiverr’s platform.

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