Top 5 Trading Apps in Pakistan for Seamless Investing


As the world of finance evolves, the ease and accessibility of trading have expanded with the advent of trading apps. In Pakistan, an increasing number of investors are turning to trading apps to participate in the financial markets conveniently. These apps offer a range of features, from real-time market data to intuitive user interfaces, empowering users to make informed investment decisions from the palm of their hand. In this blog, we’ll explore the top five trading apps in Pakistan that have gained popularity among investors.

1. PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) App

The PSX app is the official trading app of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. This app provides comprehensive access to the Pakistani equity market, allowing investors to buy and sell stocks listed on the PSX. Users can view real-time market data, monitor their portfolio performance, and access live trade notifications. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the PSX app is an ideal choice for investors looking to start their journey in the local stock market.

2. SC Trade (Standard Chartered) App

The SC Trade app, offered by Standard Chartered Bank, is a robust trading platform catering to both local and international markets. This app provides access to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and commodities. Users can analyze market trends with advanced charting tools, receive real-time stock quotes, and execute trades seamlessly. The SC Trade app is suitable for experienced investors who seek a wide range of investment opportunities.

3. UTrade (UBL) App

UBL, one of Pakistan’s leading banks, offers the UTrade app for online trading in local and international markets. This app enables investors to trade stocks, mutual funds, and commodities. The UTrade app features real-time market updates, personalized watchlists, and research reports to aid in investment decisions. It also provides an interactive portfolio tracker and supports multiple order types to cater to diverse trading strategies.

4. AKD Trade App

The AKD Trade app is the mobile platform of AKD Securities, a renowned brokerage firm in Pakistan. This app offers trading in stocks and commodities on the PSX. With a simple and intuitive interface, investors can access live market data, track stock prices, and manage their portfolios efficiently. The AKD Trade app is a popular choice for investors seeking a reliable and user-friendly platform.

5. Easy Paisa App

Easy Paisa, a mobile wallet by Telenor Pakistan, has introduced a feature that allows users to invest in mutual funds through their Easy Paisa app. The platform provides access to mutual funds offered by various asset management companies in Pakistan. With Easy Paisa’s widespread reach and ease of use, it has become an attractive option for retail investors looking to start their investment journey with mutual funds.


Trading apps have revolutionized the investment landscape in Pakistan, providing investors with easy access to local and international markets. The top five trading apps mentioned above—PSX App, SC Trade App, UTrade App, AKD Trade App, and Easy Paisa App—offer diverse features and cater to different investor needs. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice investor, these apps provide a platform to explore and participate in the financial markets.

Before using any trading app, it’s crucial to conduct research, understand the associated fees and charges, and evaluate the security features of the app. Moreover, it’s essential to develop a clear investment strategy, practice risk management, and stay updated with market trends to make informed decisions.

With the right app and a disciplined approach to investing, individuals can take advantage of the opportunities presented by the financial markets and work towards achieving their financial goals. Happy investing!

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