How to Secure an Upwork Order with a Single Bid

Introduction to Upwork

As a freelancer on Upwork, winning projects and securing orders is the key to success. With the competitive nature of the platform, it can often feel challenging to stand out from the crowd and land a project with just one bid. However, with the right strategies and a polished approach, it’s entirely possible to impress clients and get that coveted order with a single well-crafted proposal. In this blog, we’ll share some effective tips on how to maximize your chances of success and get noticed by clients on Upwork with just one bid.

1. Read the Project Description Thoroughly

The first step to success on Upwork is to carefully read and understand the project description. Take note of all the specific requirements and preferences outlined by the client. Addressing their unique needs in your proposal will show that you’ve taken the time to understand the project thoroughly, making you stand out from the generic proposals that flood in.

2. Personalize Your Proposal

Avoid sending generic, copy-pasted proposals that lack personalization. Tailor your bid to address the client directly and make it clear that you have the expertise to fulfill their requirements. Mention specific points from the project description to demonstrate your understanding and commitment to their project.

3. Showcase Relevant Experience

Clients often prefer freelancers with relevant experience in their field. If you have past projects or a portfolio that aligns with the client’s needs, be sure to highlight them in your proposal. Demonstrating your expertise and sharing successful past projects can significantly increase your chances of getting noticed and landing the order.

4. Offer a Competitive Yet Realistic Price

Pricing is a crucial factor for clients when selecting a freelancer. While it might be tempting to lowball your bid to attract attention, avoid underpricing your services. Instead, offer a competitive but reasonable rate that reflects your skills and the effort required for the project. Clients are more likely to value your work if they see a fair balance between price and quality.

5. Provide a Clear Project Plan

Outline a clear and concise project plan in your proposal. Break down the steps you’ll take to complete the project, including milestones and deliverables. A well-defined project plan demonstrates professionalism and helps the client visualize how you’ll bring their vision to life.

6. Address Concerns and Questions

If the client has raised specific concerns or questions in the project description, make sure to address them in your proposal. Offer solutions and reassure the client that you have the necessary skills and resources to handle any potential challenges.

7. Display Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is essential in any client-freelancer relationship. Showcase your excellent communication skills in your proposal by being clear, concise, and professional. A freelancer who communicates effectively is more likely to gain the client’s trust and confidence.

8. Submit a Strong Portfolio

A well-curated portfolio can speak volumes about your skills and experience. If applicable, attach relevant samples of your previous work that demonstrate your capabilities. A compelling portfolio can be the deciding factor in winning the client over with just one bid.


Getting an order on Upwork with just one bid requires a combination of careful attention to the client’s needs, a personalized and professional approach, and a showcase of your relevant experience and skills. By following the tips mentioned in this blog, you can increase your chances of standing out from the competition and securing a project with just one well-crafted proposal. Remember, quality and professionalism are key to success on Upwork, and building a strong reputation as a reliable freelancer will open doors to more opportunities in the future. Good luck on your freelancing journey!

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