Henry Cavill Brothers: The Family Behind the Superman Star

Henry Cavill is one of the most well-known actors of the modern era. Born in Jersey in 1983 to parents Colin and Marianne, he was destined for the big screen from a young age. Cavill’s career took off when he was cast as Superman in the 2013 film Man of Steel. He went on to reprise this iconic role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017).

Other notable performances from Cavill include his leading role in the popular Netflix fantasy series The Witcher, as well as parts in Cold Light of Day, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Enola Holmes and more. With his chiseled good looks and gentlemanly charm, Cavill has become a major Hollywood heartthrob.

While he is an only child, Cavill actually grew up alongside three brothers from his mother’s previous marriage. Despite not being related by blood, the four siblings share an unmistakably close bond.

Henry’s Oldest Brother Piers

Piers Cavill is the oldest brother of Henry Cavill. Piers is 41 years old and 10 years older than Henry.

Piers Cavill served in the British Armed Forces and achieved the rank of Major during his military career. Henry has often spoken about looking up to Piers and being inspired by his dedication and service to Queen and country.

In interviews, Henry has described Piers as “the best man I know” and talked about how his eldest brother set an example for him and his other brothers to follow. Even though Henry became famous from a young age due to his acting roles, he credits his brothers, especially Piers, for keeping him grounded.

Henry has a deep admiration for Piers’ military service. He said “Piers dedicated his life to serving his country with the Coldstream Guards. He risked his life countless times and served with distinction. I have nothing but respect for what he accomplished.” It’s clear that Henry views his eldest brother as a role model and hero.

Charlie Cavill

Charlie Cavill is Henry’s younger brother. At 34 years old, Charlie is the second eldest of the Henry Cavill brothers, born two years after Piers and one year before Simon.

While his brothers pursued careers in acting and the military, Charlie has forged his own path working as a stockbroker in London. With a degree in Economics from Bristol University, Charlie was well-suited for a career in finance. He started out working for a large investment bank before transitioning into private wealth management.

As a stockbroker, Charlie provides financial advice and services to high net worth individuals and institutions. He develops investment strategies, manages portfolios, and executes trades on behalf of clients. With over a decade of experience in the field, Charlie has established himself as a savvy investor with an eye for market trends.

Though the Cavill brothers chose different career paths, their family bond remains close. Charlie joins his brothers for family gatherings and important life events. While he may not walk red carpets, Charlie leads an exciting life in London finance. He provides an important perspective and balance to the acting family.

Simon Cavill

Simon Cavill is Henry Cavill’s youngest brother. At 34 years old, he is 6 years younger than Henry.

Unlike his famous brother, Simon has pursued a career in the church rather than in acting. He serves as a vicar in a parish within the Diocese of Bath and Wells in England.

Simon studied Theology at St John’s College, Durham University. After graduating, he trained for ordination at Cranmer Hall, a theological college affiliated with Durham University. He was ordained as a priest in the Church of England in 2011.

Since his ordination, Simon has served in parish churches in the southwest of England. He is currently the Vicar of St Mary’s Church in Swanage as well as Priest-in-Charge of St Nicholas Church in Worth Matravers.

As a parish priest, Simon regularly leads church services, delivers sermons, performs weddings and funerals, offers pastoral care for his parishioners, and engages in community outreach. His faith and vocation stand in contrast to the glamorous entertainment industry his brothers work in. However, the Cavill brothers remain close despite their vastly different career paths.

The Brothers’ Bond

Growing up with brothers leads to a lifelong bond that stands the test of time. Though the four Cavill brothers have achieved varying levels of fame and success, their relationship remains grounded in family.

As children, the brothers were always playing, squabbling, and competing together. The age gap between them mattered little – they shared many of the same interests like sports and the outdoors. Henry credits his brothers for toughening him up as a child, as their play was often rough-and-tumble. The boys also enjoyed family vacations full of adventures and mischief.

As adults, the brothers continue to support each other’s careers and personal lives. They attend premieres together and celebrate successes like Henry’s Superman role. The brothers also leaned on each other through difficult times, like the loss of their father in 2018. Despite busy schedules, they make time for family gatherings and holidays.

No matter what changes life brings, the Cavill brothers share an unbreakable fraternal bond. Their childhood escapades planted the seeds for a lifetime of brotherly love and support. Fans delight in seeing their continued closeness as adults, both personally and professionally.

Working Together

The Cavill brothers have had the opportunity to work together professionally on several occasions over the years. In 2002, Henry and Charlie played alongside each other in the film The Count of Monte Cristo. Henry talked about how special it was to work with his brother, saying “It was fantastic working with Charlie. He’s my older brother and inspired me to get into acting in the first place. To work together on screen was brilliant.”

In 2013, Henry starred in Man of Steel, while his brother Charlie worked as a stunt double. Doing stunt work ran in the family, as their father had been a stuntman as well. According to Henry, “Charlie was fantastically helpful and it was great having him there. It made the whole experience that much more special.”

Most recently, Henry and his brothers Piers and Charlie all appeared together in an advertisement for Durrell Wildlife Conservation in 2021. The ad featured the brothers discussing animals and appealing to viewers to support wildlife conservation. Henry greatly enjoyed shooting with both his brothers for the wildlife campaign, saying that collaborating with family is always meaningful.

Overall, the Cavill brothers have maintained a strong bond partially through working together over the years when opportunities have arisen. Henry has always treasured the chance to act alongside his brothers and involve them in projects he’s a part of. Their shared passion for performance art has brought them closer and allowed them to create special memories working together.

The Brothers’ Partners

The Cavill brothers all have successful partnerships in their own right.

Piers has been happily married to wife Emma since 2007. The couple have 4 children together and live in Jersey. Emma runs an organic skincare company that Piers frequently supports and promotes on social media.

Charlie is in a long-term relationship with environmental scientist Lucy. The pair prefer to keep their romance out of the spotlight, but have been seen together at red carpet events supporting Charlie’s films. They share a passion for conservation and adventure.

Simon married solicitor Helen back in 2013. The couple have two young sons together and split their time between London and Jersey. Helen tends to stay out of the public eye, but Simon gushes about her being an amazing wife and mother.

Of course, Henry has been dating stuntwoman Lucy Cork since early 2018. She has doubled for many A-list actresses in blockbuster movies. Henry and Lucy bonded over their athleticism and love for action. They make a power couple with complimentary careers in Hollywood.

The brothers all have supportive, accomplished partners – though some choose privacy while others are more public figures. Their spouses all seem lovely and are no doubt a source of strength.

The Next Generation

Henry Cavill remains unmarried and has no children yet. However, his brothers have continued the Cavill legacy by having children of their own. 

Piers Cavill has 3 sons – Luke, Harry, and Thomas. Charlie Cavill has 2 daughters – Savannah and Molly. Simon Cavill has 1 son named Max. 

Piers’ sons range in age from young children to teenagers. Luke, the oldest, is around 15 years old. Harry is approximately 10, and Thomas is the youngest at 5 years old. 

Charlie’s daughters Savannah and Molly are both under 10 years old. 

Simon’s son Max is the youngest of the cousins at just 3 years old. 

It’s clear the next generation of Cavills is continuing to grow. With 4 boys and 3 girls born so far to the brothers, it seems likely the Cavill name will carry on for generations to come. Whether or not Henry Cavill has children of his own, his brothers have ensured their family tree will have many branches.

Shared Interests 

The Cavill brothers share many interests and hobbies, which has brought them even closer over the years. One passion all the brothers indulge in is fitness and outdoor sports. Henry, Charlie, and Simon are avid marathon runners and have completed multiple marathons together. The brothers also enjoy cycling and will go on biking trips together when they get the chance. 

In addition to fitness, the Cavill brothers share a love of gaming and nerd culture. They are big fans of shows like Game of Thrones and enjoy gaming together online. The brothers particularly like playing World of Warcraft together and will schedule gaming sessions so they can quest together. Their shared nerd interests were something that bonded them from a young age.

The performing arts is another common interest amongst the brothers. Henry and Charlie both pursued acting, while Simon has an interest in filmmaking. Even though Piers didn’t go into acting, he still shares their creative passions. The brothers support each other in their artistic endeavors and will collaborate on projects when possible. 

Overall, the Cavill brothers have used their shared interests in fitness, gaming, and the arts to strengthen their lifelong bond as siblings. Their common hobbies provide a way for them to spend quality time together and enjoy activities they all love.


Growing up with three brothers, Henry Cavill developed a strong bond through both collaboration and competition. As the second youngest, he looked up to his elder brothers Piers, Charlie, and Simon, while also scrapping with them as brothers do. 

The Cavill brothers supported each other’s acting ambitions from an early age. Though they pursued their own paths, they stayed close and even worked together on projects like the film Red Riding Hood. In interviews over the years, Henry has expressed his admiration for his brothers and credited their guidance, humor, and candor for shaping him into the man he is today.

Beyond acting, the Cavill brothers share passions like fitness, the outdoors, gaming, and dogs. Their mutual interests strengthen their lifelong connection. Despite living busy lives, they make time for family gatherings and talking nearly every day. Henry feels grateful to have his brothers as confidants who ground him and provide an outlet away from the stresses of fame. 

The bond between the Cavill brothers serves as an inspirational model of siblinghood. Their enduring support, humor, and care for one another through the ups and downs of life and careers exemplifies the special dynamic of brotherly love.

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