Elon Musk Buys Xvideos: Fact or Fiction

Elon Musk is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen in the world. As the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, as well as the founder of The Boring Company and Neuralink, Musk has made a name for himself as an innovative visionary pushing the boundaries of technology.

Xvideos is one of the largest adult video sharing and pornographic websites on the internet. Launched in 2007, Xvideos has grown to become the biggest porn site in the world, with over 4.4 billion visits per month. Owned by the French company WGCZ Holding, Xvideos hosts hundreds of thousands of pornographic videos uploaded by anonymous users.

So when a rumor started swirling in January 2023 that Elon Musk had bought Xvideos, it raised some eyebrows. A tweet from an account impersonating Xvideos claimed that Musk had acquired the platform for $3 billion. Given Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter and his expressed desire to allow more free speech on the platform, the idea that he would buy one of the biggest porn sites seemed just provocative enough to be plausible.

The Rumor Emerges

In early February 2023, rumors began circulating on social media that billionaire Elon Musk had acquired major adult video site Xvideos. Various posts on Twitter and Reddit claimed that Musk had bought Xvideos for an undisclosed sum.

The rumors seem to have originated from unverified Twitter accounts claiming to have insider knowledge of the deal. Several of these tweets went viral, sparking speculation and debate online.

One purported source of the rumor was a tweet from an account with the handle “@WallStInsights” that simply stated “Hearing rumors that @elonmusk has acquired adult site Xvideos. Source says the deal happened earlier this week.” This cryptic tweet was retweeted thousands of times and picked up by various media outlets.

Some Reddit threads also emerged claiming that Xvideos would soon announce its acquisition by Musk. Redditors cited changes to Xvideos in recent weeks as apparent evidence, such as tweaks to the site’s design and new server infrastructure. However, none of these claims could be reliably verified.

Overall, there was no official confirmation from Musk, Xvideos, or any other authoritative source about Musk purchasing Xvideos. The rumors appear to have been unsubstantiated speculation that spread rapidly due to the big names involved and the sensational nature of the supposed deal. In the absence of facts, online rumors and conjecture filled the void.

Elon Musk’s Response

The rumor that Elon Musk had purchased Xvideos quickly spread across social media and made headlines on several news sites. However, Musk himself took to Twitter to deny the acquisition.

On January 27th, Musk simply tweeted “No” in response to an inquiry about the rumor. This seemed to be aimed at definitively quashing the story. Musk is known for being very direct and outspoken on Twitter, so him plainly stating “No” carried weight as an official denial from the man himself.

Prior to Musk’s denial, there was no evidence to indicate the rumor was true. Musk had not commented on it, and there were no announcements from him, Xvideos, financial filings, or credible news reports to substantiate it. The blunt tweet from Musk apparently putting the speculation to rest aligned with the lack of proof around the original rumor.

Musk has denied other mergers and acquisitions rumors in the past in similar definitive fashion on Twitter. In 2020, he tweeted “Not true” in response to a report that he was considering acquiring dogecoin. This pattern of direct refutations on Twitter makes it very unlikely that he purchased Xvideos without making an explicit announcement.

Examining the Source

In late December 2022, rumors began circulating on social media that Elon Musk had acquired Xvideos, one of the largest adult video sharing platforms. The source of the rumor appears to be a tweet from an account called @MarketRebels, which claimed “Elon Musk buys Xvideos Pornhub & for $3.2 billion!”

This account provides no evidence to substantiate this claim, and there are several reasons to doubt its legitimacy. First, @MarketRebels seems to be a recently created account with very few followers. The account’s tweets consist almost entirely of inflammatory claims without any citations or links to reporting.

Second, there are no other credible news reports of Musk purchasing Xvideos or Pornhub. An acquisition of this nature would be a major business story covered widely in the media, but no major outlets have reported it.

Finally, Elon Musk has made no statements confirming or even suggesting such a purchase. Musk is quite active on Twitter and often comments directly on major news about his business activities. His lack of response to this rumor strongly implies it is false.

In summary, the original source of the claim that Musk bought Xvideos appears wholly unreliable. @MarketRebels provides no evidence and has no credibility as a news source, while no credible outlets have corroborated the report. Examining the source makes clear this rumor should be treated skeptically.

Elon Musk and Acquisitions

Elon Musk and Acquisitions

Over the years, Elon Musk has acquired a number of high-profile companies as part of his business ventures. Some of his most notable acquisitions include:

  • 2002: Musk was the lead investor in a $6 million Series A funding round for Adaptive Path, a user experience consulting firm. This represented his first significant acquisition.

  • 2002: Musk founded SpaceX and became the CEO and CTO. He has grown it into a major private spaceflight company.

  • 2004: Musk was the Series A funding source for Halcyon Molecular, a company attempting to accelerate cancer cures. He later merged it with other companies to form Human Longevity Inc.

  • 2006: Musk helped engineer the acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla Motors, which merged the solar panel and electric vehicle companies. He was a majority shareholder in both.

  • 2016: Musk orchestrated Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity in a $2.6 billion all-stock deal. This created a vertically integrated sustainable energy company.

  • 2018: Musk founded The Boring Company, which creates underground tunnels, and has purchased several related companies to expand operations.

  • 2022: Musk acquired Twitter in a $44 billion deal after months of legal negotiations. This represented his largest acquisition to date.

So while Musk has never acquired anything on the scale of purchasing one of the largest adult sites in the world, he does have a track record of making bold, unconventional acquisitions within the technology industry. However, Xvideos would be in an entirely different category from his other buys.

The Adult Entertainment Industry


The adult entertainment industry has gone through major changes in recent years. While traditionally dominated by large production studios like Vivid Entertainment, Naughty America, and Wicked Pictures, the rise of free tube sites like Pornhub and Xvideos has disrupted the industry.

Pornhub and Xvideos make money from advertising instead of paid memberships or video sales. This free content model has decimated revenues for traditional studios. However, some major studios like MindGeek, the company behind Pornhub, have adopted a “can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach. MindGeek now operates many free tube sites in addition to still producing premium content.

The other seismic shift has been the rise of independent content creators on platforms like OnlyFans. Top earners on OnlyFans like Bella Thorne can make over $1 million per month from fans signing up for exclusive access. This democratization of content production has allowed performers to build personal brands and monetize directly from their audience.

While the adult industry has faced many challenges from piracy and free content, it still generates over $10 billion per year. The digitization of adult entertainment has spawned new business models and revenue streams. Major players have adapted to take advantage of new opportunities, even as content production and distribution has been disrupted.

Xvideos Company Background

Xvideos is one of the largest adult video sharing platforms on the internet. Founded in 2007, the website is owned by WGCZ Holding based in Prague. While the company keeps much of its operations private, some key facts are known:

  • Xvideos is the largest pornographic website in the world, with over 4.5 billion visits per month. This makes it the 38th most visited website globally.

  • The site has a massive library of pornographic videos, with over 6 million uploaded videos available.

  • Xvideos operates globally, with localized site versions for countries like France, Germany, Japan, and others. It has content translated into many languages.

  • In terms of revenue, estimates place XVideos earning over $460 million annually from advertising. The ads help monetize the free access to videos on the site.

  • Xvideos has faced some controversies over the years related to illegal content upload and lack of age verification. However, the company asserts it has a zero tolerance policy, removes illegal material, and uses automated detection systems.

So in summary, while the private company shares limited information, Xvideos has grown into a pornographic video giant since its founding over a decade ago. Its massive reach and video library have turned Xvideos into one of the most visited websites in the world.

Why This Rumor Caught On

The rumor that Elon Musk was acquiring adult video sharing site Xvideos spread rapidly online for a few key reasons:

  • Elon Musk’s personality cult and perception as an unpredictable disruptor – Musk has carefully crafted his public image as an innovative rule-breaker who does things his own way. This makes the public more likely to believe he would do something unpredictable like acquire an adult site. Stories involving Musk get more attention because people find him fascinating and think he is capable of anything.

  • Clickbait potential – Combining Musk’s name with an adult site creates irresistible clickbait that many people will click on just from sheer curiosity. This clickbait potential enabled the rumor to spread rapidly on social media.

  • Wishful thinking by some Musk fans – Some of Musk’s biggest supporters actually wish the rumor was true and want to see him disrupt the adult industry. This bias made them more likely to spread the rumor without scrutinizing it.

  • Tapping into assumptions about Musk’s motives – There’s a perception that ultra-wealthy men like Musk acquire companies for reasons that go beyond business, such as seeking power, attention, and indulging personal interests. This assumption made the rumor more believable to some.

  • Lack of fact checking – Social media enables misinformation to spread rapidly without fact checking. Few who shared the rumor took time to verify it before passing it on. The speed of sharing on social media outpaced the truth.

The rumor spread quickly because it involved Elon Musk and an unpredictable industry like adult entertainment. But more importantly, it shows how easily misinformation travels online when people fail to verify before sharing.

Lessons Learned

This rumor provides some useful lessons about verifying claims that spread online:

  • Consider the source. Look at who first published or shared the claim, and whether they are reputable and credible. An anonymous or obscure source may not be trustworthy.

  • Check whether multiple reputable sources have confirmed the news. Unverified claims from a single source should be viewed skeptically.

  • Watch out for “clickbait” headlines designed to shock rather than inform. Eye-catching claims about celebrities often spread rapidly regardless of accuracy.

  • Look for responses from the parties involved. In many cases, the person or company implicated will quickly deny unfounded rumors.

  • Use logic and consider context. Does the claim make rational sense given what is known about the situation and the personalities involved? Outlandish claims warrant thorough verification.

  • Beware of fake screenshots and edited images, which can be manipulated to spread misinformation. Verify using original sources.

  • Think before sharing. Consider whether a claim seems credible and verified before reposting or retweeting. Sharing unconfirmed rumors enables misinformation to proliferate.

  • Look beyond the headline. Read the full article for key details and nuance that headlines often leave out.

  • Maintain skepticism about rumors that seem designed to provoke shock or outrage. Fact check from trusted sources before drawing conclusions.

  • Recognize your own biases. Are you more likely to accept or share a claim that confirms your preexisting beliefs? Overcome confirmation bias with objective analysis.

Applying critical thinking skills and not taking claims at face value can help avoid falling for and spreading misinformation. Unverified rumors should be viewed skeptically until credible proof is available.


The rumor that Elon Musk was buying adult video site Xvideos quickly spread across social media earlier this year. However, we found no credible evidence to support this claim.

Musk himself denied the acquisition rumor. Additionally, the original source of the claim appears unreliable and has a history of spreading misinformation. There are no reports from major news outlets or financial filings corroborating the supposed deal.

Examining Musk’s pattern of high-profile acquisitions, Xvideos does not match his typical targets. He tends to buy companies closely aligned with his interests in electric vehicles, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and social media.

While some saw potential logic in Musk wanting to own a major adult site given his goal of “increasing humanity’s will to live,” this speculation seems unfounded. The Xvideos rumor ultimately says more about Musk’s celebrity status and public intrigue than any credible business analysis.

In summary, there is no reason to believe Elon Musk has purchased or plans to purchase Xvideos based on current evidence. The story serves as a reminder to carefully scrutinize rumors before assuming they are true, no matter how much attention they receive online.

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