Buy Instagram Followers from Real or Fake? The Truth Revealed

Social media has become an integral part of everyday life for both individuals and businesses. Instagram in particular has grown to over 1 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social platforms today. With this huge user base, Instagram offers immense opportunities for brands and influencers to grow their following, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

One tactic used by many to jumpstart an Instagram account is buying followers. While some may see this as controversial, purchasing followers from a reputable provider can actually be an effective growth shortcut when done correctly. The influx of followers creates social proof and perceived authority, paving the way for real, targeted followers to start engaging with your brand.

In this guide, we’ll explore buying Instagram followers from Twicsy, a leading social media growth service. We’ll cover the buying process, types of followers, delivery, safety, pricing, and more. The goal is to provide an unbiased look at Twicsy’s followers services to help you determine if purchasing followers could benefit your Instagram strategy.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

Having more Instagram followers can provide some key benefits for your account and brand. Here are some of the main reasons people choose to buy real Instagram followers:

  • Gain Credibility and Authority – One of the biggest reasons to buy Instagram followers is that it can help your account look more established and credible. More followers signals to others that your account is popular and worth paying attention to. This can lend a sense of social proof and authority.

  • Increase Brand Awareness – More followers means more people see your brand name, logo and content. This expands your potential reach and brand visibility. It’s an easy way to get more eyes on your brand.

  • Drive More Engagement – Accounts with more followers tend to get higher engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares. This is because posts reach a wider audience and it encourages people to interact. Buying followers helps kickstart this process.

  • Improve Rankings – Instagram’s algorithm favors accounts with more followers and engagement. Having more followers can boost your content ranking and get your posts seen by more people, including non-followers.

  • Inspire Follower Growth – When people see you have lots of followers, they’re more inclined to follow as well. It shows social proof and peer pressure that your account is worth a follow. This virality makes follower counts snowball.

  • Monetization Opportunities – Accounts with large followings have more influence and earn more sponsorship opportunities. Followers are a metric brands look for. More followers opens doors. Overview is a social media growth service that’s become a leading provider of real Instagram followers in Australia. Founded in 2014, they’ve steadily built a reputation for supplying genuine, high-quality followers and excellent customer service.

Some key facts about Twicsy:

  • Based out of Sydney, Australia and offer local support
  • Specialize exclusively in Instagram – their sole focus is helping brands grow on Instagram
  • Claim to only provide real, active followers from Australia and other English-speaking countries
  • Do not use fake accounts, bots, or spam to grow accounts
  • Have served over 50,000 customers with a 96% satisfaction rate
  • Rated as “Excellent” on TrustPilot with over 500 reviews

As one of the pioneers in Australia’s social media marketing industry, Twicsy has established themselves as a reliable and recommended service for buying Australian Instagram followers. Their commitment to integrity and results has made them a legit provider for anyone wanting to kickstart their Instagram growth.

Buying Instagram Followers Process

The buying process at Twicsy is simple and straightforward:

  1. Sign Up: First, you’ll need to create an account on Twicsy’s website by entering your name, email, password and Instagram username. This allows them to deliver the followers directly to your Instagram account.

  2. Choose Package: Next, browse Twicsy’s packages and select how many Instagram followers you want to buy. Packages range from 100 followers up to 10,000 followers. You can also choose country-specific followers if you prefer followers from a certain region.

  3. Make Payment: Once you’ve selected your package, proceed to Twicsy’s secure checkout to pay. They accept all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and Bitcoin. Be sure to use a valid email address during checkout so they can send you order updates.

  4. Follower Delivery: After payment is completed, Twicsy will start delivering your new Instagram followers typically within 1-7 days. The exact delivery time depends on the size of your order.

And that’s it! Just those three simple steps to buy real Instagram followers from Twicsy’s website. Let them know if you need any help during the ordering process.

Types of Instagram Followers

When buying Instagram followers, you want to make sure you get real, active followers and not just bots or inactive accounts. Twicsy offers high-quality, real Instagram followers to help grow your account organically.

Real, Active Followers

Twicsy delivers 100% real human followers to your Instagram account. The followers they provide are active daily users who will like and comment on your posts, watch your Stories, and engage with your brand. This helps increase your account’s visibility and credibility.

The followers are real people registered with active Instagram accounts. Twicsy does not use fake accounts, bots, or automated software to inflate numbers. All the followers are interested in your content and chose to follow you based on your profile and posts.

Not Just Bots

Some sites may promise thousands of new followers instantly. But often these are bot accounts that will not engage or interact on Instagram at all. They exist solely to inflate your numbers.

Twicsy does not provide fake bot followers. All the followers are real people who will view and react to your content on a regular basis. This helps boost your engagement metrics and reach on Instagram.

In summary, Twicsy delivers 100% real, high-quality Instagram followers. They help grow your account through active engagement, not inactive bots.


Buying Instagram followers from Twicsy is very affordable. They offer some of the lowest prices per 1,000 followers in the industry.

Here’s a breakdown of their pricing:

  • 1,000 followers – $15
  • 2,500 followers – $35
  • 5,000 followers – $65
  • 10,000 followers – $120
  • 20,000 followers – $200
  • 50,000 followers – $450

As you can see, the more followers you buy, the cheaper it gets per 1,000 followers. For example, 50,000 followers works out to just $9 per 1,000 followers.

They also regularly offer discounts and promo codes on their website and social media pages. So make sure to check for current deals before purchasing.

Overall, Twicsy’s pricing is highly competitive. You’d be hard pressed to find cheaper prices for buying real, high-quality Instagram followers. It’s one of the main reasons they’ve become so popular.

Delivery Time

The delivery time for Instagram followers purchased through Twicsy is quite fast. Most orders are fulfilled within 1-3 days after payment.

Twicsy claims that orders are typically delivered within 24 hours. However, depending on the size of your order, it may take up to 72 hours to receive all of your new followers.

For example, an order of 100 followers will likely be fulfilled within the first 24 hours. But larger orders of 500+ followers may take the full 72 hours to be completely delivered.

Twicsy processes orders rapidly and adds new followers to your account in small increments over the delivery period. This gradual follower growth looks natural to Instagram and avoids triggering spam filters.

The fast delivery times are one of the major benefits of buying followers from Twicsy compared to some competitor sites that can take weeks to fulfill large orders. Just remember that the larger your order, the longer the delivery time. But even for thousands of followers, you’ll receive them quicker than most other providers.

So in summary, while Twicsy advertises 24 hour delivery, expect 1-3 days for complete fulfillment, depending on order size. But rest assured your new followers will start appearing on your profile quickly after placing your order.

Refund Policy

Twicsy offers a refund policy for purchased Instagram followers that aims to provide peace of mind and satisfy customers. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order or did not receive the number of followers expected, you can request a refund by contacting Twicsy’s support team.

To be eligible for a refund, there are a few conditions that must be met:

  • The refund request must be made within 10 days of placing the order. This gives enough time for the followers to be fully delivered.

  • Proof must be provided showing that the expected number of followers was not received. Screenshots comparing follower counts before and after the order can serve as evidence.

  • The order must not have been canceled before completion. If you canceled the order mid-delivery, a refund is not possible.

  • Violation of Instagram’s terms did not lead to follower drops. Losing followers naturally or due to violations will not be refunded.

As long as these conditions are met, Twicsy will process the refund back to the original payment method. The refund amount will correspond to the portion of followers not received as promised.

Twicsy aims for full customer satisfaction with their followers orders. The refund policy provides a safety net if the service falls short of expectations in any way. Just get in touch with their support team within 10 days to start the refund process.


When buying Instagram followers, there is always some risk of getting banned by Instagram. This can happen if the provider uses bot accounts or engages in other prohibited activities to deliver the followers.

Some key things to keep in mind to avoid getting banned when buying followers:

  • Choose a reputable provider. Do research to find a company with lots of positive reviews and a track record of delivering real, active followers safely. Avoid any providers that seem sketchy or make unrealistic promises.

  • Don’t buy followers in huge spikes. Dramatic overnight spikes in followers can trigger Instagram’s spam detection. Build your follower count gradually over time to look more natural.

  • Don’t exceed follower limits. Don’t buy followers that exceed Instagram’s follow/unfollow limits per hour or day. Stay well under the limits to avoid triggering limits.

  • Separate personal and business accounts. If buying followers for a business account, don’t mix those activities with your personal account to avoid association.

  • Monitor your account’s following/follower ratio. Having significantly more followers than accounts you follow can seem bot-like. Follow more accounts to maintain a natural looking ratio.

  • Don’t violate Instagram’s terms. Don’t engage in prohibited buying or selling of likes, followers, etc. Instagram prohibits these activities in its terms.

With some caution, it is possible to buy real Instagram followers safely from reputable providers. But always be mindful of Instagram’s limits and policies to avoid potential bans or other penalties on your account.

Conclusion – Recap and final thoughts

Purchasing Instagram followers can seem appealing, but it’s important to carefully consider the risks and implications involved. While sites like Twicsy offer followers for sale, there’s no guarantee these will be high-quality or engaged users. The practice also goes against Instagram’s terms of service and can potentially damage your account’s reputation if discovered.

Instead of buying followers, it’s better to grow your audience organically through compelling content, engagement with others, and smart hashtag and geotag use. Patience and consistency are key – focus on posting high-value content consistently, and your follower count will gradually increase over time as you build authentic connections.

Overall, buying followers tends to provide only an illusion of popularity. It won’t necessarily help you gain real traction or reach your business goals. By focusing on organic growth and community-building, you can gain followers who are invested in your brand and content. This will prove far more beneficial in the long run than any quick boost in vanity metrics.

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